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Tivoli City of Art

Tivoli city of art, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tivoli, a city of art between historical and philosophical charm, rises in the hills east of Rome. The territory with favorable climatic and strategic conditions made the city a popular destination for many civilizations.

The origins

Contended for many years by the Latin League and Rome definitively became part of the Roman Empire since 338 BC.
The beauty of its territory and the wealth of resources attracted, in the imperial era, rich and prominent personalities who built their villas there including Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana, Villa Gregoriana, Villa di Quintilio Varo, Villa di Bruto, Villa of Cassio, Villa of Horace.

Villa d'Este

Villa Adriana

Villa Gregoriana

Monuments of Tivoli and surroundings

Tivoli today boasts a large number of works, monuments and attractions including

Temple of Sibilla

Temple of Vesta

Temple of Tosse

Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore

Amphitheater of Bleso

Pia Fortress

San Lorenzo Martire Cathedral

San Bernardino Palace

Gregorian Bridge

The Great Waterfall

All this makes the city of Tivoli a famous tourist destination appreciated all over the world!